TECHNO SAPIENS – english version available

Techno Sapiens – The future of the human species
TV-Documentary, 52 minutes, english version
Initial broadcasting on 3sat on 16.11.2016

The boundaries between man and machine, between technology and nature, are becoming increasingly blurred and might even disappear completely in the future. Information technology, genetic engineering and nanotechnology are not only making considerable inroads into society, but also more and more directly into human nature. The day when Homo sapiens is able to consciously design and radically change himself is not far away. A far-reaching optimisation of the human race using both existing and future technology seems to be the next logical step that mankind will.
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TV-Documentary, 52 minutes, featuring Marcus Beyer (GER), Bruce Duncan (USA), Amal Graafstra (USA), Markus Hengstschläger (AUT), Peter Kampits (AUT), Wolfgang Maass (AUT), Danila Medvedev (RUS), Bertolt Meyer (GER), Torsten Nahm (GER), Michael Nentwich (AUT), Valerija Pride (RUS) and Peter Purgathofer (AUT)

Directed by: Peppo Wagner, Cinematography: Reinhold Ogris, Hendrik Reichel, Taras Rynza, Peppo Wagner, Sound recording: Heinz Bretterbauer, JoJo Likar, Editing: Peppo Wagner, Sound editing: Kurt Strohmeier, Music: Bluevalley, Kurt Strohmeier, Stock footage: Battelle, Shutterstock, Production manager 3sat: Rosemarie Prasek, Editorial office 3sat: Ursula Schirlbauer, Producer 3sat: Petra Gruber, Producer: Peppo Wagner Filmproduktion, Coproduktion: ORF/3sat, BMB, Worldwide sales: ORF Enterprise